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What the heck are you doing?

With busy work careers as a double surgeon family we have started doing triathlons. Why? Bat shit crazy maybe. Definitely but there is a lot to learn in this event. As one of my son's friends said when I asked him if he has ever done a triathlon ( he is a very talented cross country runner) "No way, there are way too many moving parts!"

     So here is how we got started doing this crazy fun sport.  After deciding in January of 2012 that being 185 lbs was too depressing at 45 years old, I realized if I didn't do something about it soon I would be obese for the rest of my life. As a doctor I knew that it was causing my blood pressure to go up and I really needed to take on a healthier lifestyle. Sooooo. I started focusing on eating foods with a low glycemic index and cleaned up my diet completely. After about a month of that I had lost about 10 pounds or so and started to attend spin classes. I had run road races in college almost every weekend for a while just to keep myself motivated to run during the rest of the week. I was never an athlete by any stretch. But when I had packed on about 45 extra pounds over about 5 years I started having chondromalacia issues with my left knee that made running to painful. I worked out on the elliptical, got some fake synovial fluid injected in my joint space and then after losing about 25 lbs was able to run again. From there I saw some info while zoning on the internet about a local sprint triathlon at Lake Lanier, GA just about 45 minutes from where I live. I thought I could swim. I have been in pools all my life! I hadn't done laps in a pool, but how hard could it be??  I got in the pool at the gym, swam the 400 m that the sprint would have and thought I would be fine.

     Well, I have to say I am shocked that the first event went so well given that I hadn't riden my bike actually on the road in 10 years!  The Tri season was then pretty much over in Georgia. I started looking everywhere for Tri events to do over the winter and I found the HITS Tri series in Naples, FL. Training had never been my forte and it was REALLY cold leading up to this event (except in Naples, FL). In fact we had the worst winter storm I think in the history of Georgia around the time of this event. Well....I wasn't such a strong swimmer in the first place, and WHOA the ocean swim was a whole different ball of wax. It was choppy, rough, strong under tow and basically you name a bad ocean condition it was there.  The day before the Gulf of Mexico looked smooth as glass. Just a few weeks before this event a friend of mine who has done tons of tris tried to convince me to throw down $6K on a tri bike that was "on sale" for 50% off. What a bargain! I didn't, of course, and as I struggled in the water that day what kept running through my head was "I am glad I didn't but that expensive bike since I am about to drown and never get on it"!  I finally finally made it around the last bouy when I heard whistles blowing all around me. Since this was just my 2nd triathlon I did not know what it meant but felt certain it was not good news, nor were the lifeguards all just cheering me along. Well, some one was having a problem. When I figured that out I became more panicked as I realized now that someone else had all the lifeguards attention, none of them would see me when I started to drown.  This was definitely an "Ah, Ha!" moment when I realized it had gotten real and that I would need to keep moving toward the shore and I bargained that if I made it out alive I would find someone to teach me how to swim for real.  As I came stumbling out of the water my husband exclaimed "OH, Thank God you are okay! They are doing chest compressions on that person pulled up on the sea kayak"!  Grateful to be out of the water, I have never been so happy to get to transition and get on my bike! Even happier to be crossing the finish line after a swim that scared the bejesus out of me! So it began! I started to feel like a triathlete poser- not a real triathlete at all. Those people are skinny, fast, and know what they are doing. Right???

NYC Triathlon


SBMAT 2015

Honored to be a part of the Team!

NYC Triathlon

My first Olympic Distance